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Please Note: Any information you provide through the use of this online form will not be reviewed until the morning of the next business day. If your information is of an urgent nature or there is a risk that a suspect may flee before this ETip is reviewed, please call our emergency number 943-8855 or 911.

To send your ETips information to the Laguna Vista Police Department, fill in the form below. We encourage you to be as thorough as possible. Any detail large or small could be what is needed to apprehend or convict a suspect.

Tips you provide are not limited to known current cases. If you have information about a case which law enforcement has no knowledge of, or even information related to criminal activity which may be imminent, you are encouraged to use this submission tool.

After you've completed and submitted the form, your information will be given to the appropriate law enforcement personnel who will investigate the case promptly and thoroughly.

This web site does not utilize any tracking systems. Your anonymity is protected.

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