Retail Development Opportunities - The Retail Coach

The Town recently hired a national retail recruitment and development consulting firm to assist in recruiting retailers to Laguna Vista. The Retail Coach is presently working with the Town to recruit retail development.

A. Valley Morning Star front page story
Click the link below to read the front page story of the Valley Morning Star about Laguna Vista hiring The Retail Coach.
Valley Morning Star Article

B. 2014 Retail Market Analysis
Click the link below read the various reports The Retail Coach has completed on Laguna Vista. The studies include what the consultants call Drive Time Demographics, Primary Retail Trade Area Opportunity Analysis and Radial Demography.
Retail Market Analysis

C. Community Retail Dashboard
Click the link below to read more about Laguna Vista’s total retail trade.
Total Retail Trade

We, in Laguna Vista, welcome retail business. We are prepared to work with retailers interested in establishing a business in our community.

There are properties on Highway 100, on FM 510 (including The Village of Laguna Vista), and at the SPI Golf Club, currently available for development and for leasing.

For further information, please contact:

Tony David
City Manager
Town of Laguna Vista
122 Fernandez
Laguna Vista, TX 78578
956/943-1793 (office)

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