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Gateway To The Bay Laguna Vista, Texas

The Laguna Vista Police Department is an effective, skilled and progressive organization made up of men and women who are dedicated to living our values of Leadership, Professionalism and Dedication. We are made up of individuals who are dedicated and committed to improving the quality of life in our community through a spirit of service. Our officers possess the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, enabling them to prevent crime, enforce our laws, work as community problem-solvers, and serve as examples to our citizens. I am proud each day to work with such people who make a significant, positive difference in our community.

The Laguna Vista Police Department's mission is to preserve the peace and maintain order in our City. We can best do this by working cooperatively with other governmental agencies, businesses, the faith community, and all citizens. Simply reacting to incidents of crime or disorder is not enough. We must form meaningful, working partnerships with others in the community to make it a safer better place. We call this "Community Policing."

Community Policing is a philosophy and an organizational strategy that promotes a new partnership between people and their police. It is based on the premise that both police and the citizens must work together to identify, prioritize, and solve community concerns. We must be creative and innovative as we work with neighborhoods to reduce and prevent crime, disorder and fear. We will be relentless in our efforts to identify and arrest criminals, and we must also be actively involved in helping our citizens develop long-term solutions to their community problems.

The Laguna Vista Police Department and concerned, involved citizens are making a difference. We will continue to build on these positive relationships and accomplishments as we enter the 21st century.

Anthony David, Laguna Vista Police Chief
(956) 943-3446
[email protected]

Gateway To The Bay Laguna Vista, Texas
Gateway To The Bay Laguna Vista, Texas

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Simply fill in the form providing any information you can that may aid in apprehending a criminal offender or solving an open case. After you have completed and submitted the form, your information will be given to the appropriate law enforcement personnel who will investigate the case promptly and thoroughly.

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